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When an error occurs in a high-risk industry, the outcomes are often devastating. The need to prevent errors and/or mitigate their consequences is imperative to avoiding fatalities, serious injuries, significant equipment damage and other business losses.

That’s where AERO technologies excel! Our systems will reduce the probability of errors and the negative impacts on your business.


AERO is the integration of the internationally recognized Advanced Human Performance System created by Fisher Improvement Technologies and the globally-known personality tendency management capability of Equilibria.

AERO concepts are integrated within the illumitask SUITE; the complete mobile and cloud based software solution that supports the proven error reduction methodologies of AERO.

The integration and practical application of these technologies enables individuals and organizations to realize potential by:

The core elements of the AERO technologies that ensure sustainable performance are:


Different people with different personality tendencies see and manage risk in different ways.

The AERO task based system demonstrates how an individual interacts with 'systemic drivers' to improve their capacity to see, manage, and mitigate risk.

Individuals who are aware of their own personality tendencies and equipped with practical tools can better manage their behaviors. This enables them to more effectively respond to changes within the system, thereby reducing errors and preventing events.

The 'Essential Leadership Cycle' enables organizations to effectively influence and/or control the systemic drivers in the AERO task based system.

Effective application of the elements of the Essential Leadership Cycle prevents and mitigates the organizational and programmatic causes of incidents, and organically creates a sustainable 'just culture'.

Leaders who commit to using AERO's process, science-based definitions and guiding principles experience effective integration of the concepts and immediate sustainable results.

AERO's unique methodology to integrate the Performance Modes research into the daily workflow of the organization has been globally recognized to significantly reduce errors and incidents.

Traps are conditions that we can fall into that increase the probability for error. Triggers are indicators that a trap exists. AERO development has revealed that we set, recognize and react to 'error traps' in different ways based on our personality tendencies. When individuals are aware of and manage their tendencies, the ability to recognize the triggers and deal with the traps is significantly increased over the traditional generalized science of Human Performance.

AERO technologies introduce the concept of 'Personal Intervention' (Pause & Play) as an error management tool.
The practical application of primary and secondary error reduction tools enables individuals to significantly reduce the probability for error, or mitigate the consequences.

AERO software application support monitoring quality and quantity of performance improvement activities such as pre-task briefs, verifications, validations, observations. Our integrated software will capture, distribute and manage lessons that lead to learning and continuous improvement.

Our technologies have been successfully integrated in:



Oil & Gas

Electrical Distribution

Nuclear Power

Regulatory Authorities

Heavy Manufacturing


Petrochemical / Refineries


Automobile Manufacturing

If you work in a business where even small mistakes could have a significant and negative impact on people, the environment or your bottom line, we are here to help.

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Case Study

Follow this link to lean how AERO helped a California based company address these challenges:

  • Elimination of Fatalities
  • Reduction and Prevention of Serious Injuries
  • Standardized Workflow Management
  • Reduction of Incident Rates
  • Improvement of Critical Procedures

If you work in a high-risk industry and want to find out if AERO is right for your business please schedule a free information session.

Once we understand what keeps you up at night we’ll be able to determine how we can address your concerns and help you decide if AERO is the right solution for your organization.