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Here you can see an overview of our typical integration path:


Step 1: Educate Senior Leadership

Senior Leader Workshop (4 to 6-hours)

We always start with senior leadership, as successful integration of any improvement path depends on an aligned organization, starting from the top. Successful integration ultimately depends on senior leadership understanding, applying and promoting AERO technologies.


Step 2: Educate Managers

Manager Workshop  (1-day)

The next step of the process is for managers to understand the science based definitions, concepts and applications to give them the ability to lead integration of AERO technologies. This workshop is designed to provide managers proven tools and skills applicable to their role. 

Step 3: Enhance Leader Capabilities

Enhanced Leader Workshop (2-days)

Once managers are onboard, organizational leader capabilities need to be developed so they can proactively influence the deployment and integration of the concepts, tools and practices that will change the performance of individuals and the overall organization.


Step 4: Develop Advocates

Advocate Workshop (4-days)

Advocates are the internal consultants of the organization, ensuring that the concepts and technologies are integrated into the day to day workflow. A population of approximately 10% of the organization (diagonal slice) should be developed to this level of competency. Advocates ensure more rapid, reliable and sustainable results.


Step 5: License & IP Tech. Transfer

License & IP Technology Transfer

Our typical deployment path, which has proven to be successful across industries, cultures and countries is designed to create internal certified trainers who then educate the majority of the employee population. For this to take place, clients need to have ownership of the material, technologies and tools to ensure long term sustainability.

Step 6: Prepare & Certify Trainers

Preparation and Certification  (10-days)

AERO trainer preparation and certification process develops advocates further to become certified internal trainers. Peer teaching has proven to be the most effective road to sustainability. Through the use of extensive trainer notes, consultant mentoring & coaching, and testing of capabilities, internal certified trainers become the delivery mechanism for the full day AERO Employee Awareness workshop.

Step 7: Train Supervisors & Employees

Supervisor and Employee Workshops (1 or 2 days)

If the typical deployment path is followed, this step will take place by internal certified trainers of the organization. Our AERO specialists work with supervisors to enhance their level of competency after they have been trained internally. Emphasis is placed on practical application to ensure employees and supervisors can use the right tools to reduce or mitigate errors and be more productive.


Step 8: Improve Process Development & Incident Analysis Capabilities

Procedure Writing Workshop and Minor & Major Incident Analysis Workshops (2 to 4 days)

High performing organizations require effective procedures to reduce the probability of errors and events. Our process development workshop enables procedure writers to understand process error drivers and more effectively communicate standards through written documents. Our Incident Analysis Workshops improve the capability of organizations to understand and resolve near-miss, minor significant incidents, thereby improving safety, quality and productivity.

Step 9: Integration Support

Coaching & Mentoring

Once internal training deployment has started, the next phase that organizations navigate is integration. Our team of AERO specialists are always available to help organizations integrate AERO concepts into the day to day workflow to achieve the desired sustainable results

Step 10: Development of "Super Advocates"

Super Advocate Workshop & Certification (10-days)

For large organizations that seek to develop their internal capability to the next level, we offer “Super Advocate” training that consists of having internal advocates develop their competency to the point where they can deliver all the AERO workshops and coaching we offer. This ensures long term sustainability without the reliance of an external consulting organization.

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Our processes and methods are tailored to the size of your company and the risk you are exposed to.




If you have questions or want to find out if AERO is right for your business please schedule a free information session. Our experienced Error Reduction Specialists will be pleased to answer all your questions and help you decide how AERO can improve the performance of your business.

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