What people are saying about our technologies:


"HP integration is a business lever that can positively impact cost reduction, production increases, waste elimination, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement"

Industrial Plant Manager

"We see that integrating the HP concepts THIS way will significantly reduce our quality upsets (we have already seen several examples of >$100k savings and we haven’t done worker training yet!) resulting in our facility, and company being the world leaders in this area. Our managers seek every day to incorporate and integrate the concepts we have learned until we can get the information to our 5,000+ workers to take the next step."

Quality Manager

"At the two sites where we have started deploying HP so far, we have seen an over 75% reduction in the number of grievances filed against the company. The union leaders, members and site leadership are working together and engaging like we have never seen before. They are using each other to come to some very important conclusions and long term fixes…"

Human Resources Manager

"We deployed AERO early this year. It seemed a little slow to start but since then, it has gained momentum and really taken on a life of its own. We use the AERO tools in our everyday job tasks. AERO has really gotten the crew members involved in the pre-task meetings and has heightened awareness and communication among the crew. The AERO tools and concept are really going strong here, so much so that we have visitors coming to our area to see it in action"

Well Site Manager

“Through the institution of Human Performance and our relentless pursuit of Fatality Prevention efforts and initiatives, we will continue to strive to eliminate and reduce future fatality risks to the greatest extent feasible to attain our goal of ZERO fatalities ...”

EHS Manager

“We are integrating the FIT HP Methodology and technology into our serious injury and fatality system and finding that many of the risks we were asking our workers to identify and avoid, the facility either did not realize existed, or was relying solely on the worker to manage the risk. At our first 3 facilities, the workers, supervisors and managers really BELIEVE that they are better protected from and better armed to avoid these significant risks….”

Global Safety Director

“The Personal Intervention piece has given me leverage on how to constantly and consistently make the right choice. The knowledge of how you can get hurt, how others in your workforce can get hurt and how you could possibly prevent it through the use of PI was a game changer in building the kind of safety culture we hoped for.” 

DSM JV Operations

As AERO gains traction among those who were in charge of the initial roll-out, you can definitely see and hear the conversations changing in terms of how to handle error-likely situations (respond vs. react) and looking at the entire system rather than isolating errors/violations as strictly attributed to a person.”

Organizational Capability Team Lead

The main benefit of AERO is empowering the workforce, especially those engaged in high consequence work, to be able to predict, manage, and prevent error-likely situations in their daily work, which drives us to be a much safer and more efficient organization.”

Business Unit President, Oil & Gas