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In 2014, Equilibria, a globally recognized leadership development organization specializing in personality diversity and Fisher Improvement Technologies, experts in Human and Organizational Performance Improvement, discovered their common passion of eliminating fatalities and serious injuries in high risk industries. When we came together there was an immediate realization that the collective knowledge, experience and tools could benefit organizations and individuals around the globe at home, at work and at play.

It was the first time that the generalized science of Human Performance was integrated with the proven technology of Personality Diversity using the E-Colors. We soon realized the value and impact of these integrated technologies on anyone working in industries where mistakes and errors can lead to catastrophic consequences both to life and limb, as well as to equipment and production costs. 

EQ and FIT spent the next two years creating a holistic approach to integrate the concepts and develop practically applicable tools for senior leaders, managers, supervisors and the workforce. The results were immediately seen in terms of safety and quality improvement, operational efficiency and a newly invigorated culture across many disciplines that had not been present before bringing in the new technology. 

Advanced Error Reduction in Organizations (AERO) is now recognized as the next logical step in error reduction and mitigation for companies large and small that desire a just culture that understands how personality tendencies impact the principles, processes and tools of Human Performance. AERO is rapidly becoming the industry standard best practice for creating resilience and capacity in high risk industries where errors and mistakes have potentially tragic outcomes. 

AERO Mission & Vision

Mission: Provide the education, tools and technologies that enable people and organizations to achieve maximum safety, reliability and efficiency with zero fatalities and serious injuries.

Vision: Improving companies and lives, placing people first and realizing potential through the creative application of existing and new technologies.


Leadership Team



Rob Fisher
FIT President. AERO co-founder

Lewis Senior
Equilibria CEO. AERO co-founder

Ray Fisher
AERO Manager – The Americas


David Senior
AERO Manager – Europe, Africa & Middle-East

Ian Collins
AERO Senior Consultant - Asia-Pacific Representative

If you have questions or want to find out if AERO is right for your business please schedule a free information session. Our experienced Error Reduction Specialists will be pleased to answer all your questions and help you decide how AERO can improve the performance of your business.

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